Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bardo Pond - Amanita (1996)

Hash Jar Tempo - Well Oiled (1997)

Heaven-sent space rock from one of the very best modern psych bands. Harshly distorted, thick guitars and rhythm section mantras keep an eye on our home planet while weightless drone-leads and disconnected, shoegaze-like murmurs float overhead like angels, beckoning us to the infinite beyond.

Track listing:
1. Limerick
2. Sentence
3. Tantric Porno
4. Wank
5. The High Frequency
6. Sometimes Words
7. Yellow Turban
8. Rumination
9. Be a Fish
10. Tapir Song
11. RM

A lifetime in the ocean

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  1. Life changing moment when I first heard this album.

  2. Highly recommended. Also highly recommend their album Peace on Venus to anyone who hasn't heard it, it's fucking perfect.

  3. Love, love this record. You don't happen to have Dilate, do you? I can't find that one anywhere...