Thursday, June 22, 2017

Voice of Eye - Mariner Sonique (1992)

Far-out, tribal industrial/dark ambient from an American duo. Hypnotic percussion reverberating under massive clouds of drone.

Track listing:
1. Transmission
2. Strange Attractor
3. The Shadow I Knew
4. Deja Hier
5. Melange Nuit
6. Descending a Stare
7. Eros and Innana
8. Deep Be Vox
9. Epitaph for King Lear


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  1. If you like this, you MUST get their second album, "Vespers". Fucking MASTERPIECE. Seriously. Also, fun fact - the band is a couple, and they are two of the nicest people you'll ever want to meet. Seriously - pick up a copy of Vespers.

  2. Wow! Thanks Buddy! This is an odd one I dont have. Not for everyone but I used to buy their music from Vince a guy who ran the esoteric Manifold music back in the 90s.