Monday, June 19, 2017

Swordwielder - Grim Visions of Battle (2013)

Heavy-as-fuck Swedish crust/stenchcore. Swordwielder does slow, Amebix-style crust as well as any other band I've heard -- aside from the originators, of course. Their guitarist used my guitar for a few weeks back in 2012 while he was staying at the house where my band practiced, so you could say that I played an integral role in the writing of this record. It would be bullshit, of course, but you could say it.

Track listing:
1. World Funeral
2. Shadow
3. Out of Hades
4. Dark Night
5. Force of Nature
6. Fields of Genocide
7. With My Dying Breath I Curse This World


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  1. Here's a little-known gem of Icelandic piano jazz. Happy summer to all.
    Flis - Vottur (2005):