Friday, June 16, 2017

Sleepwalker - Sleepwalker (2010)

Yellow Eyes - Hammer of Night (2013)

US ambient black metal. An amorphous blur of tremolo-picking, distant drums, and ghost-like screams. A solo project of Mike Rekevics, whose other credits include Fell Voices, Yellow Eyes and others, representing some of the best artful black metal that the US has to offer.

I know it's a low bitrate, but it's a super lo-fi demo anyway, so don't be a dumb, ungrateful prick about it, you dumb, ungrateful prick.

Track listing:
1. Darkness Like Riches
2. Wolf of Truth and Dream
4. Dead Moon

As air to flame, so time to oblivion. To you I call, that I may better know my solitude.

More hazy, lo-fi sounds:
Cendres -
Ungeziefer (2007)
Faceless Entity -
Semper Dolens (2015)


  1. But... what a cloak of low bitrate shit!
    Thanks anyway my miserable host.

    Signed Ungrateful Prick.