Saturday, June 24, 2017

Voices from the Lake - Voices from the Lake (2012)

Minimal ambient techno from an Italian duo. Mixed as a single, continuous piece of music, making each track feel like an extreme zoom-in on a portion of the same blurred photograph, while masterful use of repetition causes even the most minute of details -- an extra high-hat hit, a faint synth drone -- a sense of significance.

Track listing:
1. Iyo
2. Vega
3. Manuvex
4. Circle
5. S.T. (VTFL Rework)
6. Meikyu
7. In Giova
8. Twins in Virgo
9. Twins in Virgo (Reprise)
10. Mika
11. HGS

Secrets revealed

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  1. This album is incredible.

  2. seriously incredible. love that you threw this up