Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hairy Chapter - Can't Get Through (1971)

German heavy psych. Long, jam-y songs that bring the riffage and the solos, plus some killer drumming, and none of the wannabe-bluesy cheese that plagued a lot of their peers. Smoke a spliff and listen to this somewhere sunny.

Track listing:
1. There's a Kind of Nothing
2. Can't Get Through
3. It Must Be an Officer's Daughter
4. As We Crossed Over
5. You've Got to Follow This Masquerade

Looking for a decent freedom

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  1. The last sentence somehow brought "drinkify" to mind:

  2. Hi, can you update your list?

  3. Hey, you all right? Love your blog, hope all is well!

  4. Thanks for this. Just wanted I needed. Can't listen to it in a sunny place, bring s fucking Brig, but I'll pretend I will.

    Thanks again!