Thursday, January 16, 2020

Not Breathing - Time Music of Quazars (1995)

Dark, heavily layered ambient techno from American musican David Wright. Pulsing beats, droning synths, field recordings, and more map out a vast, assumedly stoned inner landscape. The booklet notes that the album was recorded "at home late at night with the lights out." That checks out.

Track listing:
1. The Amoebic Sea
2. Space Between
3. 3-Legged Beetle Eater
4. Dhyana
5. No More Rainbows
6. Combustion
7. Birth of Rotorhead
8. Aether Traveler
9. Cloud Modulation
10. Darth Vader Disco Luv


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  1. Has zippyshare gone knocker's up? I can't use them anymore.

    1. Sorry for the lack of response, just saw that my comments have been getting published, think this should work though. I believe that Zippyshare no longer works throughout much of Europe. I've been moving lots of old links to Mega but my upload speed is really slow for some reason, so it's an ongoing project.