Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Tiny Vipers - Life on Earth (2009)

Quietly stunning, minimal folk from Seattle artist Jesy Fortino. I'm sure that the word "meditative" comes up every time someone writes about Life on Earth, but given her beautiful, abstract musings and minimal yet immersive, spacious sound -- a single acoustic guitar, Fortino's voice, and room noise account for about 98% of what you'll hear -- it really does fit. A record without clear antecedent or peer, and one of my favorites of the past 20 years.

Track listing:
1. Eyes Like Ours
2. Development
3. Slow Motion
4. Dreamer
5. Time Takes
6. Young God
7. Life on Earth
8. CM
9. Tiger Mountain
10. Twilight Property
11. Outside

The world is leaving
Where has it left you?
The world is leaving me too

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  1. Hell yeah. Saw her open for Mark Kozelek in late 2011. She played a single ~30-minute track, then Mark destroyed me with his rendition of "Duk Koo Kim." Two tearful thumbs WAY up.

  2. Love this band!
    If you don't mind, here's as much of their discography as I've been able to dig up:!ImQSFALD!kGrEtgpfRG0PplNeCiqJIQ
    (ranges from "Life On Earth" mellowness to drone-ambient)

  3. I'm guessing you know Mirroring, Grouper, but if not, it's every bit as incredible as you'd suspect.

  4. What a wonderful and devastating album, thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you D_S

    I only own Hands Across The Void which I always quite liked; this is every bit as beautiful thus far