Friday, January 11, 2019

The Lewd - American Wino (1982)

Raw punk for drunk, pissed-off degenerates.

Track listing:
1. American Wino
2. Justice / Liberty
3. I'm Not Pretty
4. Climate of Fear
5. Magnetic Heart
6. Suburban Prodigy
7. Beyond Moderation
8. Polluted Brain
9. Fight
10. Mobile Home
11. Cold & Numb
12. Dressed in Black

Did you ever get the feeling that there's nowhere to run
And the future of our kind is oblivion?

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  1. Have you happened to hear of The Ladies?
    While we’re on the subject of raw, degenerate-certified punk, you should give them a quick listen.. they have their discography wrapped up in a neat 20 something song complication titled “Blow Your Mind”, featuring a cover with a cartoon brain sporting sunglasses and a jizzing wiener.
    If it wasn’t obvious in the comment, much love, positive vibes.

  2. I think I'm an all around American
    On my eighteenth birthday
    My daddy gave me a gun
    And I am what you'd call
    A real good sport
    And I was born and raised
    In a trailer court
    Mobile Home
    Filled with foam
    Polyester catacomb.......

    Discogs does not show the Lewd from the great 7'' "SF Underground" on Subterranean records. Gotta fix that.

    When you live in the south, the sheer number of trailers you see have me humming that tune a lot. A true classic, thanks for the long form.