Saturday, April 27, 2013

Andrew Hill - Lift Every Voice (1969)

In which jazz pianist Andrew Hill incorporates a full choir into his ensemble. Like much of Hill's work, Lift Every Voice deftly straddles the line between avant-garde and accessible.

Track listing:
1. Hey Hey
2. Lift Every Voice
3. Two Lullabies
4. Love Chant
5. Ghetto Lights
6. Blues Spark
7. A Tender Tale
8. Drew's Tune
9. Mother Mercy
10. Natural Spirit
11. Such It Is

We will not go back


  1. Nice! Love this, lost my copy years ago... how do you feel about other choir-jazz albums, for ex. Donald Byrd's "A New Perspective"? I may have to post that one soon...

    1. The only other one I can recall hearing is McCoy Tyner's "Inner Voices," which is awesome. You should definitely post that, I'd love to hear it.

  2. I did not point out, last time I breezed thru, that this was another link I was having trouble with (I had already complained about 3 and was feeling too greedy)
    I very much appreciate your help on all the others, but this also is an enticing looking recording (Hill with a choir? hmmm) And The Link Looks not like it works to me. "No Go Showboat"

  3. MY BAD... "SHOWBOAT" AFTERALL, just gotta do a captcha that looks like a login catpcha but it is not.

  4. dude you are becoming my favorite blog(willard is great but u r closer a musical journey which i always love... willard is awesome and huge, inconstant sun is great too... but ur crazy and really in the realm of tons of shit i never seen b4 cept i knew Andrew Hill just didnt have these... i kind of skip past the morbid looking stuff though)