Thursday, April 25, 2013

Niteflyte - Niteflyte (1979)

Excellent disco/funk/soul/pop/rock/etc. Strong, versatile songwriting bolstered by immaculate, pillowy production. I can't tell whether I'm supposed to do a bunch of blow and cut a rug, or smoke a bunch of weed and lounge around on a red velvet couch.

Track listing:
1. All About Love
2. If You Want It
3. Sunshine
4. Make It Right
5. Get on the Fun
6. Tryin' to Find
7. I Wonder
8. Easy Come
9. No Two Alike

Any way you want


  1. A whole bunch of things come to mind....Steely Dan, the first (Was) Not Was record, the movie Heavy Metal (must be that cover). Got any more of these guys?

    1. Glad to see some love for these guys, and Was (Not Was) for that matter. I have Niteflyte's other record, and I remember it being significantly less interesting. I'll either do a post or just leave a DL link for you here, depending on how much I like it this go around.

  2. Just discovered your blog, truly amazing. I am heading straight for all this lite disco aor (my favourite music right now) so more of this please. Next I'll dip into the hideousness that is Stalaggh, you picqued my interest