Friday, August 16, 2013

Imperial Teen - Seasick (1996)

I put this on yesterday morning while me and my lady were getting dressed, and realized that Seasick may have been the first indie rock record that I ever fell in love with. Random, right? I remember listening to it on cassette in my sister's car and thinking that it was the absolute pinnacle of hipness ("they clearly like The Velvet Underground, they're gay, they do drugs, holy shit!") It contains the band's one and only (very) minor hit, "You're One," an addictive lil' ditty about shooting heroin. Most of Seasick delivers on that song's promise. Sweet melodies and male-female harmonies tempered by a ragged, distorted delivery and often quite dark lyrical concerns. Also, one of my all-time favorite last songs. <3 this album forever.

Track listing:
1. Imperial Teen
2. Water Boy
3. Butch
4. Pig Latin
5. Blaming the Baby
6. You're One
7. Balloon
8. Tippy Tap
9. Copafeelia
10. Luxury
11. Eternity

What are we supposed to be?
Let's watch our friends, they're on TV


  1. So excellent !! Thank you for sharing this amazing album !!