Monday, August 5, 2013

Skip Bifferty - Skip Bifferty (1967)

Great early UK psychedelia. Songs that range from jaunty piano ditties to full-on head trips, all with a solid, genuine emotional core. Skip Bifferty didn't enjoy much mainstream success, but this, their only full-length, is somewhat of an underground classic. This version features the original album (tracks 1-14), followed by the remainder of their recorded studio output.

Track listing:
1. Money Man
2. Jeremy Carabine
3. When She Comes to Stay
4. Guru
5. Come Around
6. Time Track
7. Gas Board Under Dog
8. Inside the Secret
9. Orange Lace
10. Planting Bad Seeds
11. Yours for At Least 24
12. Follow the Path of the Stars
13. Prince Germany the First
14. Clearway 51
15. On Love
16. Cower Girl
17. Happy Land
18. Reason to Live
19. Man in Black
20. Round and Round
21. This We Shall Explore
22. Schizoid Revolution

Feeling strange vibrations in my spine