Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Software - Chip-Meditation (1985) + Electronic-Universe I (1987)

Two fascinating journies into the deep subconscious of a TRS-80 (or maybe even an Amstrad CPC 464???) If you have a taste for the pseudo-futuristic sounds of synth arpeggios, drones, loops, trills, twinkles, sprinkles, and dollops, Software is a veritable feast. Software consisted of German (no surprise there) duo Peter Mergener and Michael Weisser, and these, their first two albums, are some of the best in their class. Highly, highly recommended for anyone nerdy/old enough to get down!

Track listing:
1. Julias-Dream
2. Self Similarity-Life
3. Frontiers-of-Chaos
4. Chip-Meditation
5. Voice-Bit
6. Byte-by-Bite
7. Winds-of-Time
8. Short-Wave
-Electronic-Universe I-
1. Fluting-Electronic-Universe
2. Surfing-Saturn
3. Dancing-Venus
4. Cosmic-Calimba
5. Add-Space-to-Time
6. Psychomellow-Planet



  1. Has to comment being a fan of IC the label these two albums where on. These are the two best albums these guys made. Spiraling galactic dust laced with atoms of crystalline structure. Beautiful synth music!!