Monday, April 7, 2014

Freddie Hubbard - First Light (1971)

A masterpiece of cushiony, lush, ornate, spaced-out jazz fusion. Of the many, many great records Hubbard put out, First Light might be the most satisfying.  Virtually any and every music nerd needs to know about this album.

Track listing:
1. First Light
2. Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
3. Moment to Moment
4. Yesterday's Dreams
5. Lonely Town
6. Fantasy in D

True colors


  1. Mmh, yes. Thanks for the tip. Lanquidity's got it in 320 though :
    You just can't beat this guy on jazz; wondering how long he'll be able to keep it up.

  2. can i just say that i love this blog? thanks for this and everything else.

    1. Thanks, glad you've found some good stuff here.

  3. hum... I really like Freddie Hubbard, but have been really disappointed by this one. I'd even say it's the only one I don't like. I think his be-bop ones are much better. but anyway, thanks for sharing :) and thanks for doing this excellent blog.

    1. Def my favorite Hubbard. Different tastes I guess.