Thursday, April 17, 2014

Loop - Heaven's End (1987)

Droning, kaleidoscopic, narcotized psych rock. Sounds like a whole bunch of psychedelics and a handful of downers. Fans of Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized: get in the fucking van.

Also, they have reformed and currently are on tour -- here are the dates, via their website.

Track listing:
1. Soundhead
2. Straight to Your Heart
3. Forever
4. Heaven's End
5. Too Real to Feel
6. Fix to Fall
7. Head On
8. Carry Me
9. Rocket USA (Mix 3)
10. Soundhead (Original Mix)
11. Head On (Original Mix)
12. Soundhead (Peel Session)
13. Straight to Your Heart (Peel Session)
14. Rocket USA (Peel Session)

Breathe into me


  1. Dope, Guns and Fucking in the Street.

  2. anybody into this should check out finnish Band Circle- I mean, they are called Circle because Loop are Loop..

    1. DAMN, that's a great band, thanks so much for the recommendation, Anon!