Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Touchers - Pretty Baby (2005)

The Touchers were probably my favorite band for whom I ran sound during my short, drunk stint at the Sidebar in B-more. They played for something like two hours, drank a bunch, sang a lil' ditty about how important it is to stay hydrated while boozing (which I remember thinking was so great for some reason) and were all-around hilarious, smart, and everything you could want out of what, in the end, pretty much amounts to a Pixies- and cowpunk-influenced bar punk band. In the years since then, no one for whom I've played this record has seemed all that impressed, and in all likelihood, you'll have a similar experience. That's fine, maybe you 'had to be there'. Just make sure you hear "Ghost Dance".

Track listing:
1. Always Know Your Dealer
2. Servant of the Evil One
3. Apes in Hell
4. Ghetto
5. Pig Has Gone Away
6. Ugly Daughter
7. Pleasure of Friends
8. Vacant Lot
9. Number of the Beast
10. Left Hand Is Unclean
11. Dead Are Alone
12. Ghost Dance
13. Shaking Her Ass
14. Regret
15. Death Taxes
16. You Want It You Got It
17. Everybody Loves a Funeral
18. Angry Woman
19. Calling It Quits
20. Can't Go Back
21. Wake Down
22. Spirit of Poverty
23. Children Will Buy It
24. Middle of Nowhere
25. They're Coming for You
26. Untitled

They're brilliant and happy
They're laughing
They're used to seeing violence

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