Monday, October 31, 2016

Kerovnian - Far Beyond, Before the Time (1999)

It's about quarter to 4, the morning of Halloween, and I'm high on kratom (which, as far as I can tell, is still legal.) Do the math: it's time for some unnerving, Lovecraft-themed dark ambient.

Track listing:
1. Those Beneath the Moaning Castle
2. Far Beyond, Before the Time
3. The Godless Keep
4. From the Lands Where the Winds Die
5. As They Dug Their Way Out into the Machinery of Death
6. Before the Oblivion

Cries from the maze

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  1. Alright before i break down and buy a copy coming from germany, just curious if you might have glanzig "danzifuge". Come up empty forever. Thanks either way.

    1. I do not have that, never heard of it, in fact. Had to google it to make sure it wasn't some weird abbreviation for "Danzig II - Lucifuge."

    2. Yeah i stumbled across it on amazon a couple years ago and have been searching since. First copy ive seen under $50 just popped up but its in germany.thanks anyway

  2. I'm high on kratom too thats so weird. Btw Ive been following this blog forever and I just wanna say that you are the coolest person with the best taste in music.