Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Vampires of Dartmoore - Dracula's Music Cabinet (1969)

Got a full-size Snickers for ya today, kids. Feast your ears on this fucking weird, campy, sexually disturbing, SFX-packed, horror-themed psych rock delight, and thank your lucky stars for your place, however small, in this beautiful thing we call "life."

Track listing:
1. Die Folterkammer des Dr. Sex
2. Crime and Horror
3. Der Feuerdrachen von Honkong
4. Mord im Ohio Express
5. Tanze der Vampires
6. Hallo, Mister Hitchcock
7. Der Henker von Dartmoore
8. Ende eines Killers
9. Die Wasserleiche
10. Eine Handvoll Nitro
11. Dr. Caligaris Gruselkabinett
12. Frankenstein Grüßt Alpha 7
13. Petting Party 1
14. Petting Party 2

In one minute, you will be dead

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  1. your dedication to delivering the coolness is enviable. appreciation abound.

  2. Tongue-in-cheek horror-themed krautrock. Two wacky German jazzbos gone psych. They're real, and they're SPECTACULAR.

  3. holy shit. I'll probably play this so many times I'll completely get over the initial weirdness and start playing this for people without realizing they'll be totally weirded out. This has happened before...