Thursday, October 20, 2016

Oliver Nelson - Skull Session (1975)

Bone-rattling jazz and jazz-funk led by saxophonist Oliver Nelson, and featuring OPIUM HUM fave Lonnie Liston Smith. Some of you might recognize the opening synth riff on the title track as the main sample from Big Lurch's "Texas Boy".

Track listing:
1. Skull Session
2. Reuben's Rondo
3. 125th St. and 7th Avenue
4. One for Duke
5. Dumpy Mama
6. Baja Bossa
7. In a Japanese Garden
8. Flight for Freedom

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  1. cover love.

    thanks as always!

  2. I wasn't aware Oliver Nelson went down this road. Can it stand with On the Corner? Let's see.


  3. Wow, thanks. I wasn't aware of this album until now.