Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pain Teens - Pain Teens (1988)

Extremely dark, mellow-harshing noise rock. Anxious, dissonant scum-punk sludge encased in thick sample collages and swaths of industrial noise, while vocalist Bliss Blood speak-sings about sexual abuse, murder, and other forms of violence.

Track listing:
1. Inside Me
2. The Unnameable
3. Brown Jenkin
4. A Knife
5. The Shoemaker
6. Amidst the Rubble
7. World of Destruction
8. Valley of the Sun
9. Symptoms
10. Where Madness Dwells
11. A Continuing Nightmare
12. Count Magnus
13. Tapes
14. Innsmouth
15. The Freezingwind
16. Somnambulist

A hand in my dreams came silently to me
Fingers molding my flesh, so coldly holding me

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