Monday, October 3, 2016

Solstice - Solstice (1992)

Killer US thrash with death metal elements. Mosh-y thrash riffs, tight drumming, twin guitar leads, hoarse vocals that would sound right at home on a 90s hardcore record, and tough chug-a-lug breakdowns.

Track listing:
1. Transmogrified
2. Cleansed of Impurity
3. Eternal Waking
4. Survival Reaction
5. S.M.D. [Carnivore cover]
6. Netherworld
7. Plasticized
8. Catalysmic Outburst
9. Aberration

Anger has been blotted out by pain

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  1. i saw them last june here in France in front of 40 people. They delivered anyway. Thank you for sharing such good (and eclectic) music with your blog.