Thursday, July 25, 2013

0cadavernamedAlison0 - 0cadavernamedAmyblue0 (2013)

Shoegaze has infiltrated grindcore. And yes, they call it "grindgaze." (Although it's really not too far from the dense, synthetic sounds of, say, De Magia Veterum, or later Abigor.) 0cadavernamedAmyblue0 is a concept album based on, and stuffed with samples from The Doom Generation. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Here's their label's bandcamp, where you can name your price for this piece of music history.

Track listing:
1. Yes Jim, Disemboweling Them
2. Dandelion Flower & the Fuckin Chunky Pumpkin Heads
3. Pick Up Girly
4. Fireballs and a Yo Yo
5. Like a Chicken Head
6. I Got My Ass Kicked by Skinny Puppy
7. She Never Eats When She Does Crystal
8. []
9. Beach Song (Slowdive)

Bandcamp again, stupid.

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