Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ringing Bell - And Dimmed Undelivered, and Receive Eternities (2012)

Boduf Songs - How Shadows Chase the Balance (2008)

Disgusting lo-fi sludge. Ringing Bell is a duo, and their sound consists entirely of a single guitar (no overdubs that I can hear), drums, gutturals, and apocalyptic dialogue samples. It's simplistic, nasty, and enthralling. Also, some of you may be interested to know that one of Ringing Bell's two members, Mat Sweet, is Boduf Songs.

Track listing:
1. With Positive Actuator to Project and Retract Thereby
2. Least Salted Flesh Prevail and Gathering Thrust
3. Thwart for Dirge
4. I Am Blessed with the Throt of French Kings, Encrusted with Golden Bee
5. Bound Striving in Groan'd to Hid Urge
6. Klystron Type
7. Loss Noted in God-Light of Tooth-Claw
8. Pore Forming in Situ eg. Foaming etc.
9. Hospital Corners
10. Crookbacked, Apophatic
11. Five Holes Cut that Hell Might Seep

The bodies of fallen whales


  1. Is this the worlds greatest track list? If not, what?

  2. Wow...a metal album that begins with a Werner Herzog sample!

  3. hey, you made my curiosity explode, but the link is no more, so what, for us sludge suckers???


    1. Goddamn, this link is always dying. Should be back up shortly.

  4. Dead... Re-up, maybe?