Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dr. Dooom - First Come First Served (1999)

Dr. Dooom is one of many monikers used by the inscrutable Kool Keith. His beats are totally fucked up, his lyrics are absurd, hilarious, and violent - often at the same time - and his flow is ridiculously sharp. You can't get on Kool Keith's level. Aside from all of these things, I love that his disses of other rappers are often so pointed that they come across more as oddly hostile constructive feedback ("Your mixdown ain't right/Your vocals are too low/Your fuckin' cadence is off/Stage show's weak/Fuck you.")

Track listing:
1. Who Killed Dr. Octagon?
2. No Chorus
3. Apartment 223
4. Mr. Ratt (Skit)
5. Neighbors Next Door
6. I Run Rap
7. You Live at Home with Your Mom
8. Housing Authority
9. Wild Kingdom (Skit)
10. Welfare Love
11. Dr. Dooom's in the Room
12. Call the Cops
13. Brothers Feel Fly
14. Side Line
15. Bitch Gets No Love
16. Shopping List (Skit)
17. Body Bag
18. Mental Case
19. Leave Me Alone
20. Live / Bald-Headed Girl (hidden track)

Have you ever asked yourself will you fuck Marilyn Manson
Or become Charlie Manson
Death Wish, I become Charles Bronson
Take your testicles and your dick for ransom

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