Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Iasos - Inter-Dimensional Music (1975)

Celestial Soul Portrait, a new compilation of Iasos' early recordings, is out now via Numero - get it here. Also, no new fan should miss out on his awesomely Angelfire-wave website.

Blissful, immersive sounds from this San Francisco-based musician. His debut full-length, Inter-Dimensional Music is an hour long excursion into a pillowy, psychedelic auditory nirvana that's composed largely of drifting synths, but also incorporates guitars, flutes, nature sounds, tape effects, and many other elements into its euphoric haze.

Track listing:
1. Libra Sunrise
2. Formentera Sunset Clouds
3. I Passion You a Leap of Love-Flame
4. Lueena Coast
5. Rainbow Canyon
6. Lagoon Night
7. Siren Shallows
8. Aries
9. Crystal Petals
10. Osiris Bull-Man and Elephant Walk
11. Creation
12. Cloud Prayer
13. Angel Play
14. The Bubble Massage
15. Maha-Splendor

♥ Kratom


  1. THANK YOU for this. He's super tough to find on the blogosphere for me... Big Iasos fan - if you don't have and want "Bora Bora 2000," I can post that soon...

    1. Do it! From what I can tell, that's his 'dance' record? Very curious to hear it.

  2. Nah ... Bora Bora is terrible, look for "Elixir" the successor to this one.

    1. I think that Bora Bora is weird and great. I also like Elixir.

  3. Could you re-upload these? Sendspace just does not work for me.