Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pale Saints - In Ribbons (1992)

Pale Saints' second and IMO best album. While the opening one-two-three punch wouldn't sound at all out of place on their first album, they spend most of the rest of the album exploring darker, slower territory, with unanimously rewarding results. Highlights include the driving, instantly satisfying shoegaze of "Throwing Back the Apple," the acoustic guitar and cello-driven "Shell," the menacing "Hair Shoes," and chiming, blissed-out album closer, "A Thousand Stars Burst Open."

Track listing:
1. Throwing Back the Apple
2. Ordeal
3. Thread of Light
4. Shell
5. There Is No Day
6. Hunted
7. Blue Flower
8. Hair Shoes
9. Babymaker
10. Liquid
11. Neverending Night
12. Featherframe
13. A Thousand Stars Burst Open

Into the lightning white

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