Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Embrace of Thorns - Atonement Ritual (2009)

Thick, atmospheric Greek death metal with black metal undertones. Gross guitars, cavernous puking vocals, unsettling interludes, violent Satanic blasphemy. SICK.

Track listing:
1. His Bloodstained Claws of Victory (Intro)
2. Atonement Ritual
3. Tombs of the Desecrated Zealots
4. Impure Orgasm (Intro)
5. Nemesis of Purity
6. Venom in Veins
7. Death Yells in Triumph
8. Litanies of Inversion (Intro)
9. Ceremonial Rites of Fornication
10. Hymn to Triumph and Treachery
11. Perdition Hammer
12. Perished in Mortal Agony (Second Death)
13. Altars of Malefic Triumph (Outro)

Putrid once-female entities
Are caressing a grey mummified body
The leader that supposedly could lead them to fertility,
Prosperity and glory

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  1. This is fucking ace music right here. Your blog is awesome.