Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lycia - A Day in the Stark Corner (1993)

Majestic, etheral darkwave. Churning, reverb-soaked, tormented gothic dirges made up of lush, layered guitars, angelic keyboards, minimal drums, and murmured male and female vocals.

Track listing:
1. And Through the Smoke and Nails
2. Pygmalion
3. The Body Electric
4. Wide Open Spaces
5. The Morning Breaks So Cold and Gray
6. The Remnants and the Ruins
7. Goddess of the Green Fields
8. Everything Is Cold
9. Sorrow Is Her Name
10. Daphne

Crawl back home and smile again
Smile like a madman
Look in here and fear again
Afraid of these ruins


  1. Link is not working. Any chance for an alternative link? Thanks

  2. Thanks for sharing! I remember when a friend had this album on when i stopped by his house one day, and it blew me away. Such a great album