Monday, October 21, 2013

Miranda Sex Garden - Iris EP (1992) + Sunshine EP (1993)

Miranda Sex Garden was an eclectic English group who fused musical and sonic elements of English folk music (their first LP consists entirely of ethereal, a cappella takes on traditionals), gothic rock, and shoegaze. While there's a good deal of variation from song to song, the wall-of-sound production and powerful pipes of lead vocalist of Katharine Blake keep things pretty cohesive. The Iris EP marks the first time that they incorporated rock instruments into their sound, and it's possibly my favorite entry in their discography. Released the following year, Sunshine consists of the explosive, kaleidoscopic title track, a short a cappella diddy, a live version of a song from the Iris EP, and a kinda silly, 'spooky,' organ-led instrumental.

Track listing:
1. Lovely Joan
2. Falling
3. Fear
4. Blue Light
5. Iris
1. Sunshine
2. Muff Diving Size Queen
3. Fear (live)
4. Willie Biddle in His Watery Grave

Shadows on my way

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