Sunday, October 6, 2013

Igor Wakhévitch - Logos (1970) + Les Fous d'Or (1975)

Two albums of unsettling modern classical and experimental electronic music from French composer Igor Wakhévitch, who surely deserves a better writeup than this, but I have shit to do.

Track listing:
1. Ergon
2. Minéral - Végétal - Animal
3. Homo Sapiens Ignorabimus
4. Initiation (1ère Partie)
5. Initiation (2ème Partie)
6. Delirium
7. Danse Sacrale
8. Point Omega (Mort Ou Résurrection)
-Les Fous d'Or-
1. Cornerstone - Twilight and Call of the Ascending Spirit
2. Arrival of the Magic Doll
3. Rites of the Doll
4. Les Fous d'Or - Henry the Fool of the Doll
5. Eve Speaks
6. Ritual of the Master of the Doll

No dreams tonight


  1. That sounds pretty interesting... Could you please re up Logos, that the link is down??


    1. Just reupped with a both-album-combined link, enjoy!

  2. Do you also have the "Docteur (or is it Doctor) Faust" album? If you do could you share too please? Thank you. [kembaralangit]