Monday, October 7, 2013

Vomit Orchestra - Macabre Paradigm (2005)

Vomit Orchestra's sole member, Daniel Martin, is also the sole member of perennially underrated US black metal outfit Vrolok, and can be heard as a pure distillation of that project's disturbed, drug-infused essence. A nightmarish realm of fragmented feedback, dissonant guitars, heavily treated, echoing vocals, blown out percussion, samples, and droning keyboards. Macabre Paradigm collects five early VO demos, released from 2002-2003, and adds a disc of unreleased material from the same era.

Track listing:
-Disc One: Makkabios-
1. Under the Shadows... (full demo)
2. Behold... the Eve of Conclusion (full demo)
3. Black (full demo)
4. Drone (full demo)
5. Decrepit (full demo)
-Disc Two: Paradeigma-
1. Fear
2. For Death Holds No Dreams
3. Wormhole Through the Decay of Time
4. Paradeigma
5. Benediction
6. Stained Shadow Reverie
7. Cadere

When darkness is the answer to a question asked for years
You'll find me swimming deeper
Turning purple in the dark.

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  1. ..and what about the second disk?? it's not on the zip!!!!