Sunday, October 13, 2013

John Harrison - Creepshow OST (1982)

If you haven't seen Creepshow, I recommend putting everything else on hold until you have. Good fucking god, what a great movie. See Ed Harris get crushed by a tombstone! Marvel at Stephen King's transformation into a suicidal half man-half plant! Watch Leslie Nielsen, in the most skin-crawling roll of his career, drown Ted Dansen, then get stalked by aqua zombies! Seriously, one of the best. For the rest of us, here's John Harrison's soundtrack, which, as you surely know, is the perfect horror movie soundtrack. Creepy keyboards, menacing pianos, eery sound effects, and as sinister a take on "Camptown Races" as you're likely to hear this side of hell.

BONUS FUN: An awesome Flickr user uploaded the entire Creepshow comic book, which I remember scaring the living shit out of me when I was in Elementary school, for your viewing pleasure; check it!

Track listing:
1. Prologue - Welcome to Creepshow
2. Father's Day
3. The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill
4. Something to Tide You Over
5. The Crate
6. They're Creeping Up on You
7. Epilogue
8. Until the Next Time (End Title)

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