Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Magic Dirt - Young and Full of the Devil (1998)

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Magic Dirt - Friends in Danger (1996)

Magic Dirt's second LP is druggier, dirge-yer, and all-around gnarlier than their debut. The soothing hum of that rumbling guitar tone, thankfully, remains.

Track listing:
1. Babycakes
2. She-Riff
3. Rabbit with Fangs
4. Shrinko
5. What Have I Done?
6. These Drugs Are Really Starting to Fuck Me Over
7. Short Black
8. X-Ray
9. Ascot Red
10. Babycakes You Always Freeze Me Up

If you touch me, I'll kill you

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  1. Thankyou - this is out of print (think the local record company AuGoGo went bankrupt) and not on itunes (Warner US refused to release this album after paying for it), so much appreciated.