Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Urban Verbs - Urban Verbs (1980)

First of two excellent new wave LPs from Urban Verbs. Razor-sharp guitars, a tightly wound rhythm section, and the sneering yet emotionally sincere vocals of band mastermind Roddy Frantz (Talking Head Chris Frantz's brother) -- all while synths burble, oscillate, and squeal. Dive into the frenzy!

Track listing:
1. Subways
2. The Angry Young Men
3. Next Question
4. Frenzy
5. Ring Ring
6. The Only One of You
7. Luca Brasi
8. Tina Grey
9. The Good Life

What next?

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  1. Yo dude - the link is busted. Waaaaaaaaaaah!

  2. Yep, great LP. Was always surprised they only had 2 LPs.
    BTW, no DL link?

    1. OOPS never made the link. It's fixed now. Thx for the heads-ups.