Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Herbie Hancock - Sunlight (1978)

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Vocoder, synth, and levels of smoothness previously thought to be humanly impossible.

Track listing:
1. I Thought It Was You
2. Come Running to Me
3. Sunlight
4. No Means Yes
5. Good Question

You don't have to be afraid anymore

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  1. So good! Thank you

  2. Dam son, this shit is so $$$mooth, Get me an application!!!
    Thanks for this absolute gemstone!
    Hey bro let me know if its cool to post my batch o' zippy links of comps n rare shit,
    you dig it 4 sho ;)

  3. Think Daft Punk have ever heard this album? Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe......

    Also, from 1978, not 1976.

  4. Groovy, but a bit "lame" to my ears, even the song with Jaco is not that good. And the vocoded voice is awful (sorry to be so grumpy !).

    Anyway thank you for sharing Dear Spirit !