Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Herbie Hancock - Sunlight (1978)

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Vocoder, synth, and levels of smoothness previously thought to be humanly impossible.

Track listing:
1. I Thought It Was You
2. Come Running to Me
3. Sunlight
4. No Means Yes
5. Good Question

You don't have to be afraid anymore

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Pressure Sensitive (1975)
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  1. So good! Thank you

  2. Dam son, this shit is so $$$mooth, Get me an application!!!
    Thanks for this absolute gemstone!
    Hey bro let me know if its cool to post my batch o' zippy links of comps n rare shit,
    you dig it 4 sho ;)

  3. Think Daft Punk have ever heard this album? Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe......

    Also, from 1978, not 1976.