Friday, June 29, 2018

Tripping Daisy - Tripping Daisy (2000)

Fourth and final album of sunny, psychedelic alt rock from Tripping Daisy, completed and released in the wake of the death of guitarist/multi-instrumentalist West Berggen. Their most dynamic and adventurous record, Tripping Daisy was, in spite of the sadness surrounding it, a hell of a high note to go out on, and with only 500 copies ever made, one of the most glaringly obvious candidates for a reissue I can think of.

Track listing:
1. Community Mantra
2. Kids Are Calling
3. Stella Is a Planet
4. Soothing Jubilee
5. Drama Day Weekend
6. Tragiverse
7. Jim's Longtime Voice
8. One Through Four
9. You First
10. I Am Good
11. Halo Comb
12. This Cradle Song
13. Foot Dance
14. The Sudden Shift Worried Him

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