Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hoth - Rites of the Black Goddess (2001)

Ritualistic Portuguese black metal. Mid-paced dirges with simple guitar work, eerie keyboards, and low, strangely disconnected-sounding growls. Not to be confused with the Star Wars-themed US band.

Track listing:
1. Introduction II
2. Impious Congregation
3. Nocturnal Offering
4. Hellish Revelations
5. Celebration of Isis
6. Nail the Nazarene
7. Pagan Melodies
8. The Dragon Lords
9. Noitcudortni II

We the children of the night
Gathered under the moon
Call upon our master
To join us in this blasphemy

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  1. I scored an original copy of their 95 demo a few weeks back. Was kind of a grail for me but most people probably havent heard them.