Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Trephine - Trephine (2005)

Meatjack - Days of Fire (2003)
Darsombra - Climax Community (2012)

Heavy instrumental math rock, or math-y instrumental post-metal, or whatever other combination of interrelated subgenres you feel like tossing in a blender. A great band with extremely dialed-in tones.

Track listing:
1. Goes to Hell, Mr. Wiggles (Part One)
2. Age of Reptiles
3. Metal Detector
4. Devil's Activist
5. Axolotyl
6. Resident Advisor
7. Adrenochrome
8. Goes to Hell, Mr. Wiggles (Part Two)

Yes, people do die from fear

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Six (2007)
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  1. Have you heard of PsyOpus? They have the most violently technical style that I have ever heard to date and I have no clue how they only made 3 albums and died out, they have an incredible sound. I highly recommended their second album, Our Puzzling Encounters Considered. I’ve felt nervous about recommending this album to anyone before because I feel like they just won’t appreciate it, but here, on this blog, to you and this audience, this is right. If even one person checks this out I hope it blows your mind.