Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Crucifucks - L.D. Eye (1996)

The Crucifucks' phenomenal third and final album, L.D. Eye was supposed to be the self-titled first album by a new band formed by head Crucifuck Doc Corbin Dart's new band, but Alternative Tentacles convinced them to call it a Crucifucks record. This explains why it pretty much sounds like a completely different band -- concise, snotty punk is replaced by shaggy, relatively melodic, guitar-driven indie rock, with Dart's caustic, misanthropic vocals serving as a through-line.

Track listing:
1. The L.D. Eye Theme
2. Lights Over Baghdad
3. The Story of Thomas McElwee
4. Suicide
5. Officer Powell
6. Artificial Girl
7. Jeanette Jones

Your phony grieving doesn't mean a thing

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  1. Mortuusinsomnis Blog dead again.
    New one Number 07 ?


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    1. Hey I didn't mean to delete your comment, sorry about that. In answer to the questions that I remember: I don't think that the band ever came to be, but DCD did put out a solo record, which came out in-between Wisconsin and L.D. Eye and was fucking great. Can post a link if you need one.

    2. A link would be great if you have one to hand!

  3. speaking of michigan greatness, do you have the evil of slaughterhouse ep?