Thursday, June 7, 2018

Jucifer - L'Autrichienne (2008)

Still on a favorites kick. A masterpiece of a concept album about the French Revolution, composed of heavy, hooky grunge, vicious fastcore, crushing sludge, ghostly folk-rock, and more, all with Amber Valentine's inimitable, alternately vicious and child-like vocals. Neither this band nor album get the recognition they deserve.

Track listing:
1. Blackpowder
2. Thermidor
3. To Earth
4. Deficit
5. Champ de Mars
6. Fall of the Bastille
7. To the End
8. Armada
9. L'Autrichienne
10. Behind Every Great Man
11. October
12. Birds of a Feather
13. Traitors
14. The Law of Suspects
15. Noyade
16. The Mountain
17. Window (Where the Sea Falls Forever)
18. Fleur de Lis
19. Procession a la Guillotine
20. Coma
21. The Assembly

The beautiful feeling is coming again

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  1. Any chance you have any other drunk dad releases? Thanks either way.

    1. Yeah, I have Morbid Reality:

  2. You're a beautiful human. Thanks man

  3. Generic boilerplate thank you: this is probably the best music share blog on the webernets. I'm always surprised and interested in what you have to share and say here. Incredibly wide tastes, and I've found some real keepers that have led me on to other albums. It's like digging through the crates at some forgotten vinyl store of your dreams.

    So thank you, strange dude from a distant star system.

  4. holy shit, you posted a Magic Dirt album.
    I didnt really like them that much, but being an Aussie it kind of makes me a little proud!

    1. I've posted TWO Magic Dirt albums, my Aussie