Monday, February 11, 2019

Red Snapper - Making Bones (1998)

Y'all, I am on a major trip-hop kick, and you're coming with me. Making Bones is an extremely dynamic record, and definitely leans to the more uptempo, electro side of things -- including some grime-flavored, hyper-speed rap verses -- and there's a distinctly dark tint to a lot of the tracks. However, it's still way more conducive to sitting on the couch in a smoke-filled living room than anything else.

Track listing:
1. The Sleepless
2. Crease
3. Image of You
4. Bogeyman
5. Tunnel
6. Like a Moving Truck
7. Spitalfields
8. Seeing Red
9. Sucker Punch
10. 4 Dead Monks

Space sickness

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  1. wow, this is super good...confession: i like it more than portishead. thank you

  2. This brings back memories for me....especially 4 Dead Monks. Have to admit dude I feel awkward about it at this point but.... I'm still wondering/hoping that you downloaded the albums I sent you months back (including eDIT, one of the greatest glitch/trip-hop records of all time, imo). I asked you about it several times & you even published my comments - yet you never answered about the 3 (or 4? I forget) uploads I emailed you. How will I live w/o closure?!?!? Lol...kidding. I just really wanted to enrich your ears and mind as you have done for me for so long. Always have an endless amount of stuff to share if you'd ever like.

    Cheers D_S

    1. SHIT I'm sorry, I forget everything, particularly email correspondences. I get so many submissions @ that email, shit that I actually care about gets buried all the time. Will go try to track your messages now. Gimme one more chance ;)

  3. Ha, np dude, hopefully you downloaded the albums & never got around to checking them out - if not I'll re-up them whenever - let me know. There should be albums/files by:

    edIT ("Crying Over Pros For No Reason"),
    Boom Bip ("Seed To Sun")
    Karsten Pflum ("Flugten Fra År 2000"), other that even I can't recall right now.

  4. Keep `em comimg!
    Listened to Reeled and Skinned the other day followed by some Courtney Pine, kept this old man happy.