Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hierophant - Great Mother : Holy Monster (2013)

Crushing Italian blackened d-beat/hardcore. Some metal blog (can't remember which one, maybe Metal Inquisition?) used to call bands like this "amazingcore" because their fans are beardos who alway say that shit's "amazing," and though the shoe fits Hierophant, please don't hold it against them, cause they slay.

Track listing:
1. Son of the New Faith
2. Son of the Tongue's Prison
3. Son of Four-Hands Way
4. Son of the Carcinoma
5. Son of Egoistic Love
6. Son of the Public Castration
7. Son of the Cathartic Cave
8. Son of the Black Mirror

Ten thousand winters

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  1. this band is Italian, not from Boston!

    1. Goddamn it, I knew it. That's what I had, then I saw that they were tagged as Boston on bandcamp -- due to the location of their label, duh -- and changed it without looking further into it. Thanks

    2. Thanks for this, I only knew the funeral doom band with the same name (from your blog again). Also, what a great blog and fun read metal inquisition was. Alongside aversionline, they were my two favourite blogs of the 00s.