Wednesday, April 5, 2017

THP - THP #2: Tender Is the Night (1978)

Immaculate, relentless, coked-out disco grooves courtesy of Toronto-based duo THP. Pretty much the chic, cocaine-driven equivalent of a hippy jam band.

Track listing:
1. Weekend Two-Step
2. Tender Is the Night
3. Half as Nice
4. Music Is All You Need

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  1. Dude: Please help me steer my luxury yacht, as I am far too trashed on coke and Hennessy to navigate these treacherous waters.
    Woman in Black Dress: We haven't left the dock yet. You know this, right?
    Woman Sitting Behind "Captain": Steady as she goes, T.
    Someone on the Amazon listing for a two-fer pairing this plus another THP album described this artist as "one of my favorite groups." Imagine what sort of life that person must lead.

    1. Sounds like you got it just about right