Friday, April 28, 2017

Alice Coltrane & Carlos Santana - Illuminations (1974)

Hazy, sprawling psychedelic jazz-rock. A meditative, kaleidoscopic sound made up of harp, guitar, piano, saxophone, organ, sitar, lush, cinematic strings, and probably a bunch of other instruments. Because my first real awareness of Santana came about during his "Smooth" era, I've never really given him the time of day, but this is making me think that I may have missed the boat.

Track listing:
1. Guru Sri Chinmoy Aphorism
2. Angel of Air - Angel of Water
3. Bliss: The Eternal Now
4. Angel of Sunlight
5. Illuminations

Sing, for song drives away the wolves

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  1. Thank you! Yes, investigating Santana will be (mostly) worth your time.

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  3. Sweet, thanks! Echoing, 60s and 70s Santana is definitely worth checking out. First three albums are my faves but if you're stepping into it from here, maybe try his collabo with John McLaughlin (and Larry Young on organ) called Love Devotion Surrender.

    1. My friend actually recommended the same record (Love Devotion Surrender) a couple days ago -- love it! Def gonna check out some of his earlier stuff, thanks for the recs