Saturday, April 15, 2017

Helena Espvall - Nimis & Arx (2006)

Espers - Espers (2003)

Abstract, uneasy instrumentals courtesy of Helena Espvall, who I first heard as cellist for Espers. Somewhere in the realm of way-out free-folk -- dissonant, seemingly improvised tapestries of cello, guitar, recorder, and arhythmic percussion -- with a twist of broken, droning electronics.

Track listing:
1. Idioblast
2. Kretslopp Av Blod Och Stjarnor
3. Nimis & Arx
4. Certainty of the Neverseen
5. Multiplication Broken and Restored I
6. Tidepools
7. The Straight Line Leads to Hell
8. Mar Amarga
9. Purgatory Chasm
10. Multiplication Broken and Restored II
11. Vortex

Our willingness to die

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  1. Hi! Is any chance you may post her collaboration: Helena Espvall/Ernesto Diaz-Infante ‎– "A Hallowed Shell Of Ash And Rust"? Will be great, thanks in advance!!! M

  2. fabulous cover. i wonder who the artist is?

    1. The cover art is made by Paul Santoleri :)

  3. really love this and the cathode post! thanks so much