Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sandy Bull - Inventions (1965)

Eastern-influenced folk-rock meditations by outsider-folk-innovator Sandy Bull. Goddamn, this guy was so fucking cool. How in the hell did I not hear him until a couple of months ago?

Track listing:
1. Blend II
2. Gavotte No. 2 Take 1
3. Gavotte No. 2 Take 2
4. Manha de Carnival
5. Triple Ballade
6. Memphis, Tennessee

Coming together

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  1. Oh man, thanks so much for posting this. Sandy Bull is a name I once heard of about 20 years ago that I never followed up on and had totally forgotten about. Can't wait to hear it.

  2. My sentiments are the same as kingpossum's, so thank you very much! If you're into proper guitar playing look up an Englishman called Dean McPhee: you won't be disappointed!

  3. Wow. This is Led Zeppelin meets Tinariwen before either existed. Holy fucking shit thank you for the post.

    Thanks for the tip on Dean McPhee.

  4. @Anonymous:
    I checked out Fatima's Hand by Mr. McPhee and you are corrected--not disappointed. What that guy can do with a Telecaster and a couple pedals is sublime. Hearty thanks for the recommendation.

  5. It reminds me the 'Cornflower suite' album, by Suni McGrath, maybe worth checking

  6. I'd recommend checking Still Valentines Day to anyone who digs this record. It's a live recording of Sandy playing in the late sixties that was put out a few years ago. He's doing his thing on it but also doing a little bit weird tape experimentation as well. One of my favorite solo guitar records.

  7. thanks for this, and the above rec. for still vd....any chance of uploading e pluribus unum, or any others?