Friday, April 7, 2017

The Crevices Below, Tempestuous Fall, & Midnight Odyssey - Converge, Rivers of Hell (2013)

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A monumental album of funeral doom, black metal, and blackened doom. Epic, lushly layered, and imaginative, but plenty evil and heavy. Converge, Rivers of Hell is a truly unique three-way split, in that all three bands are solo projects of the same Australian dude, and, from all appearances, it was planned and recorded as a complete album. And this is pure speculation, but it may have been dude's way of turning his three projects into one, as Tempestuous Fall and The Crevices Below both folded following its release.

Track listing:
1. The Crevices Below - Charon - Upon the Winds of Lamentation
2. Tempestuous Fall - Pyriphlegethon - In Death's Gaping Jaws
3. Midnight Odyssey - Lethe - Through the Lair of Hypnos
4. The Crevices Below - Acheron - Deflecting Heaven's Will
5. Tempestuous Fall - Cocytus - Shades of Phantom Souls
6. Midnight Odyssey - Styx - Converge, Rivers of Hell

To abyss, oblivion, bodiless

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