Monday, April 3, 2017

Brouillard - Brouillard (2013)

Ghostly, lo-fi French atmospheric black metal. A dense fog of muffled, reverb-drenched guitars and keyboards, rapid-fire drums, croaking vocals, and mysterious, oddly effective samples. Put this on, get nice and high, and get a friend to reach into your chest and remove your still-beating heart so that you can step into your void hallucinations.

Three tracks, all called "Brouillard"

From the tombs they will rise

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  1. does anyone got the 2nd full length from 2016?

    1. Just came here to ask the same thing. I love this album so much and but I can't find any other stuff from them.

    2. you can get the 2015 ep, The March of Apparations here. It also fucking slaps.