Thursday, April 6, 2017

Felix Axemo - Den Lycklige (2016)

Gorgeous Swedish depressive/post-black metal. Axemo (how is this the first time I've heard of a solo black metal dude naming the project after himself?) strikes an excellent balance between sorrow, beauty, and fury -- not an easy feat -- that's bolstered by full, analogue-sounding production. Free/name your price via bandcamp.

(This is now the second post I've made based on an emailed submission (the first was earlier today) and I just wanna say: I'm beyond stoked that so many talented people are sending me their music. Keep 'em coming!)

Track listing:
1. Einsamkeit
2. En Rymd På Mina Axlar
3. Färd Härifrån
4. När Vi Går Sönder Inuti
5. 4676150085??
6. Stockholm (Blir Aldrig Min Stad)
7. Bland Tankemonument
8. In I Ett Blacker Dark: Del 1/Del 2
9. Minnens Färg

Long forgotten

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  1. I'm 57 years old and I just love the internet for giving me sub genres of sub genres. Metal, I understand, black metal, I barely understand, Swedish post black metal just sounds so cool that I have to put it on my phone and play it through the night as I taxi round Dublin, Thanks, Rory